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Components for the Loading and Reloading of Ammunition

The various ingredients used in the manufacture and reloading of ammunition are listed in the left hand index and described in more detail in the overview document.

Shooting and reloading are popular subjects, particularly in USA. There are many documents and discussion groups on the WWW but it is difficult to search as the results are littered with broken links and I cynically believe that some websites are deliberately blocked in the UK due to an irrational fear of firearms among politicians, uninformed policemen and cyber cops.

The documents on this website are written from my own perspective, however I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel, so where I have found an existing text, that I endorse, I have linked to it.

Loading details for individual calibres are given on the page Metallic Loads, which deals with centre fire pistol and rifle calibres (and a few 'wildcats').

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