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Supplementary Page For .303 Headstamps and Allied Information

The main page for .303 headstamps has grown in size, this page gives supplementary information.

Igman cartons and rounds

The image at right throws some light on the headstamp that has puzzled many of us.

Images provided by Erick Fisk.
  Carton of Igman cases showing bomb burst type headstamp
This partial image of another carton shows the Igman link to Bosnia and Herzgovina.   Partial image of Igman packet
Two of the spent rounds from the grey and red carton at the top of the page.   Two of the spent rounds from the grey and red carton

Iraqi cartons and rounds

These cartridges carry the headstamp shown at extreme right in  the group shown here .

Images provided Jim DeMay.
  Box of Iraqi .303
This is the same box, but in the closed condition.   The Iraqi box, closed

Plain Winchester Box

This plain package contains WCC stamped rounds, the images were provided by Tom Sherwood.   Winchester box with WCC markings
Inner structure and content of the carton shown above.   Winchester box part open

Plain Remington Box

I have no information about source of image or year of manufacture.   Plain cardboard Remington packet

Spanish can label

Thought to have originated from a gentleman named Iker. The text on the label itself reveals its purpose.   300 round HXP label

Please note... The images on this page are not in any proportion or scale.


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