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Proof Certificate for a Victor Sarasqueta Spanish Shotgun

Front of small envelope
Rear of small envelope

Proof Certificate belonging to a Victor Sarasqueta Spanish Shotgun that I used to own.

The proof certificate was attached to a 26" side by side 12 gauge with Churchill rib, that I purchased in 1973, the certificate was folded several times in order to fit into the small envelope that was tied to the trigger guard by string. Both sides of the envelope are illustrated at right and the certificate is illustrated further down this page.

The proof certificate itself is also printed on both sides, the front being the actual certificate and the rear surface gives standard dimensions and tolerances that are used in Spain for the purpose of gun barrel proof.

Front of Spanish proof certificate

The view on the rear of the certificate is a facsimile, as the original paper was very discoloured. In order to read it more readily, I suggest that you download the image and use a graphics package to increase size and visibility of the image, which has been cut down to save file size.

Rear of Spanish proof certificate

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