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.303 British Calibre

This cartridge holds much interest in conjunction with Lee Enfield rifles, Bren LMG and aircraft mounted machine guns. It has proved a very accurate and consistent ordinance over a long period of time. So much so that when accuracy at extreme range is required the "old .303" is often brought out of retirement.

My personal interest is mainly target based, and that is "Tin Hat" rather than decimal. I have also used the cartridge case in a smooth bored shotgun.

Almost all of my experience of this cartridge is with the "Berdan Primer" system, contrary to many opinions this is easily re loadable Reloading.

incomplete drawing of .303 cartridge case

The various bullet types are shown at here. (hover your mouse on each picture for more information)

The 215 Gr was used prior to WW1, The three spitzer boat tails were WW1 & WW II, there was an experimental 150 Gr and a 130 Gr exists somewhere. 215 Gr .311 Bullet 175 Gr Bullet 174 Gr Bullet 173 Gr Bullet 135 Gr Spitzer Cast Bullet Sierra Pro-Hunter®, Diameter .311" 125 gr Spitzer (2305) .185 Sectional Density .282 Ballistic Coefficient Flat Based
A 135 Gr version exists in solid and jacketed versions. and Sierra make a 125 Gr (I have some info on Kynoch soft point types that is 'misfiled') 215 Gr Bullet 175 Gr Bullet 174 Gr Bullet 173 Gr Bullet 135 Gr Bullet

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