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Reloading Centre fire (Center fire) Cartridges
that have already been fired

There are several reasons for wanting to re-use spent cartridges.

Cost... the case is usually the most expensive part of a round of ammunition and so there is a cost saving to be made if we can use it several times. I say several times as they cannot be re-used indefinitely owing to various stretching actions which can occur that in turn will eventually thin the metal and weaken the case. In addition to stretching, the material itself can degrade due to multiple re workings and become more liable to failure at crystalline boundaries.

Availability... some types of ammunition are obsolete or difficult to get hold of, so by re-using the existing cases we can prolong the life of an otherwise obsolete weapon.

Practicality... in some remote places there may not be supplies of factory made ammunition available. In a safari type situation it may be easier to carry tools, powder, primers and bullets rather than boxes of manufactured rounds.

Experimentation... this aspect is not for everybody as there are risks involved, but knowledgeable and experienced amateurs have a considerable role to play in ammunition development.

Accuracy... by using rigorous and painstaking manual methods, accuracy can be enhanced over factory produced rounds that are usually made on automatic machines.

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