Berdan Primer Removal
Boxer Primer Removal
Shotgun Cartridge Decapping
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Decapping (uncapping) Cartridges
that have already been fired

The removal of spent primers from used centrefire (centerfire) cartridge cases, with view to re-using the cartridge case.

This aspect of reloading is often considered difficult. Particularly when Berdan primers are involved. However I find this difficult to understand as my background and experience have been almost exclusively with Berdan primers.

As there is much myth and mystery surrounding Berdan primers and their removal, particularly on the American continent, I have produced the design drawings of a simple, manual, hydraulic decapper that is inexpensive to make and use. It is also capable of removing spent boxer primers, but it is envisaged that most would use the standard pin push out method if only boxer primers are involved

The pages linked above deal with Berdan and Boxer decapping techniques individually.

The uncapping of used shotgun cartridges (hulls) varies a little from the standard Boxer primed brass case, because the primers themselves vary in detailed design and so the pins for their removal have to suit the type of cap being removed. I have in mind a design of an inexpensive press, that in conjunction with interchangeable parts, will un-cap and recap all calibres and variations of shotshell cases. The page that describes this tool is scheduled for the Summer of 2009.

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