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Whilst firearms are often used as weapons... It is not the firearm that is dangerous, but the use it is put to by the individual person.

I have always maintained that "no firearm ever killed anyone" they are a tool that can be used for killing (their original purpose), but any damage caused by firearms is due to their use and their user. There is nothing inherently "bad" about firearms in themselves.

A working knowledge and healthy respect of firearms enhances safety, but our political masters prefer to ban some items, and make ownership of any firearm difficult for legitimate users. I believe that this is short sighted and will only lead to more "tragedies" in the future. I realise that I am "a voice in the wilderness" on this issue, but that is because I can see the situation from the standpoint of considerable personal knowledge and experience, which I believe is lacking in those that have made our rules.

The sporting use of firearms has existed since the devices were originally invented. Such sporting use allows the respect that is required, to be generated in the context of sport and competition. By artificially stifling such competition we run the risk of a sub culture developing that is outside the framework of normal law, I feel that this will result in future gun related incidents of similar nature to those that incited the poorly informed police and politicians to ban the private ownership of handguns.

You can't blame the tool for its abuse. No rifle, handgun, or shotgun ever built ever had the opportunity to make a choice about it's use or misuse.

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