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Pistols and their design criteria

Pistols fall into four main categories, the links at left are self explanatory except for the "Other Pistols" page, which covers things like derringers which may have one, two, three or four barrels. ducks foot types fall under volley weapons. Pepper box types are not covered, but maybe placed on the other  pistols page at some time in the future, if I ever get the time.

The choice of type of pistol for various duties is discussed under the heading "Design Criteria". Most Firearms designers are biased in favour of one type of weapon or another, and I am no different, I declare my favouritism for revolvers and their inherent reliability, but I do not discount the automatic as unworthy.

There is discussion of a radical new type of revolver for "Law Enforcement" use, but it is unlikely that this weapon will ever be properly developed, owing to the ban on sporting use of pistols of larger calibre than .22 rimfire.

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