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Testing Methods Used in the Proof of Firearms

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Viewing... When a firearm is submitted for Proof the first stage of the procedure is known as "viewing". A weapon which does not satisfy the Proof House viewers is ruled not to be in a fit condition for rest of the Proof process.

The viewing procedure is as follows:-

Proof Firing... The purpose of a proof load is to subject the chamber and barrel to a pressure which exceeds that which will be encountered in normal use. Similarly the action face, or in the case of a bolt closure, the bolt face, experiences a pressure in excess of that normally met. There are two distinct safety effects of this procedure.

First if the barrel or chamber is weak or flawed, the excess pressure will reveal that fact under controlled and "safe" conditions rather than have a failure or accident occur in the field.

Secondly, the application of excess pressure places the material of the chamber and barrel in compression.

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