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Shotgun Cartridges, by Calibre and Loading

I use the terms "shotgun cartridge" and "shotshell" interchangeably. Dimensions on the shotgun pages are a mixture of metric and imperial measurements. The use of one or the other usually signifies the original design criteria. The table below brings together some features of the different calibres. 14 G, 24 G and 32 G are rare, in addition the 0.360 is both centrefire a rimfire 'garden gun' sometimes known as a 9 mm or a No. 3 (there was a rimfire 0.200" smoothbore for shooting rats, which I think was known as a No. 2 garden gun... The German equivalent for this was '5 mm glatt', but I have no details).

The Components that are used in the manufacture of shotgun cartridges are linked here.

* Metric values used here are not actual dimensions, but modern nominal chamber lengths. The cartridge case length for any particular load may not match the dimensions or nominal chamber length, but the figures on the cartridge or cartridge packaging will be the chamber length for which the round is intended. The figures used in English Proof are rounded to the nearest 5 mm.

The 'Nominal Loads' column may not appear to be consistent, in any case many loads will be found that differ from the figures given, such differences are not 'wrong', but care should taken to ascertain the validity of your figures if they vary much from the chart. Loads for 4 bore vary quite widely and the 4 ounce one quoted is usually associated with smaller powder charges.

Chamber Dimensions for Calibre Chart

GaugeBoreChamber IDChamberRim  RecessNominalWad
No.'F' "'C' "'B' "'E' "mm*'A' "'D' "'R' "OzGramsInches
No 30.3600.4150.4241.75-0.4790.0500.015-0.363

To be pedantic, The bore relating to 67 gauge should be 0.411", however the use of 67 in respect of the .410 is relatively common and falls within the allowable tolerance.

There is additional information on cartridge dimensions on various cartridge collectors sites, a couple that are useful are cartridgecollectors.org and black powder SG cartridges.

I also have had numerous ideas, that for various reasons have not been acted upon. I include them in these pages in the hope that they may inspire others to pursue and develop them.

The Greener calibre  is actually a bottle necked metallic cartridge that uses crimp closure, but it is included here as it is (was) a special 'Police' shotgun that is basically a single shot Martini action shotgun with a higher than normal service pressure. (believed to be 8 tons / sq")

Conversely there are some shot loadings among the metallic rifle and pistol calibres.

I have always had a personal fancy for the 28 gauge, I have never owned one, but I would like to try a side by side 25" with "Churchill" type rib (boxlock or sidelock). I think the speed of handling coupled with a rearward balance would produce lightening handleability.

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